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Quality policy

Neoperl Iberica. S.A. is a company dedicated to the following activities:

  • Design and production of flexible connections for water taps.

  • Sale of aerators, flow regulators, shower hoses, washing machine hoses and other tap fittings.

  • Sale and distribution of gas connection hoses.

Management hereby establishes, disseminates and implements this Quality Policy which provides the framework for establishing and reviewing the objectives of the Quality Management System and is based on the following principles and commitments:

  • International driven: we are a company with a clear global focus that translates into products adapted to the specific demands of each of the markets in which we operate.

  • Excellent value for money as a differential fact: we must be able to offer a product range to get satisfied customers through the price paid and the perceived value maintaining a positive balance.

  • Customer orientation: apart from offering solutions adapted to the needs of customers we must also be able to offer high levels of supply on time and reactivity and communication in case of problems.

  • Suppliers as a fundamental part of our business: being aware that suppliers greatly affect quality, timeframe and price we must identify and select the right suppliers for the purpose of the organization and establish mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with them.

  • The staff as a great asset: we are aware of the importance of the staff about the product and customer service and how their implication helps to achieve the objectives. That is why we must ensure motivation and communication at all levels of the organization.

  • Process orientation: it is the commitment of the organization to integrate the processes of the Management System into the global management of Neoperl Ibérica, S.A. to ensure the achievement of the objectives in an effective and efficient way taking into account its interrelationship and the definition of all responsibilities.

  • Orientation to continuous improvement: in order to remain competitive and maintain or improve our position in the market it is essential to have as a priority objective of the organization the improvement of processes and products based on this improvement in data analysis for decision making.

  • Accuracy in compliance with requirements: in order to offer a quality service in all aspects it is our commitment to identify and comply with all applicable requirements including legal, regulatory and customer requirements.

The principles and commitments explained above are shared with all the staff and available to interested parties who require them.